Join host Kathleen Jobin and this week’s guest, who goes by the online name Babel Was An Inside Job, a fellow Bitcoin Twitter pleb. Find out how Babel is orange pill? Where does he get his convictions from? And what was his journey down the rabbit hole.


  • Low time preference is about putting in the work and understanding that things you put a lot of time into will in general be better than the things we rush to build.
  • Babel see’s Bitcoin as the digital gold made by the millennial generation.
  • The network that made Bitcoin secure couldn’t be re-created for anywhere near the original cost, that’s why other coins haven’t been able to catch up.
  • Bitcoin is protection against inflation. And it’s available to everyone.


‘The more value I provide to someone, the more value I get’

‘Buy nice not twice’


Guest twitter @BabelHodl

The Bitcoin Standard

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MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor


Kathleen Jobin holds an MBA from the University of Sherbrooke. Mother of 4, Kathleen is a hybrid between a businesswoman, a geek and an idealist. After several positions of interest in different firms and industries, such as a developer, scrum master and project manager, Kathleen made a drastic shift in her career in 2019. Diving head first down the bitcoin rabbit hole. She got bitten by the Bitcoin bug. She now teaches Bitcoin and volunteers to set up events that help with the understanding and adoption of Bitcoin. Her mission is to help awaken the masses to the power of Bitcoin.


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“Money is a technology and Bitcoin is the evolution of this technology.”

As the host of the show, Never Too Late To Bitcoin, Kathleen aims to act as your guiding light down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Through interviews and chats with knowledgeable guests in every industry impacted by Bitcoin as well as leading thinkers on environmental and societal impacts, she will challenge your preconceived notions of money and Bitcoin.

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