Bitcoin to Gold and Back to Bitcoin Learning about sound money with Jimmy’s journey

Join host Kathleen Jobin and guest, Jimmy Voyer, Bitcoin and gold investor on this week’s episode of Never Too Late To Bitcoin. Hear all about why Jimmy invested in both gold and Bitcoin at the same time. Also, join the discussion on how financial history can hold the key to what the future will look like and weather you should trust exchanges holding large numbers of Bitcoins.


  • Jimmy believes that we need to look at the history of money and observe the shifts in empires. By looking at this you see that when the gold reserves depleted, then the empire fell. So, to keep our current empire going we need a sustainable source of currency.
  • Jimmy actually invested in gold at the same time he invested in Bitcoin. Originally, he wasn’t sure about the safety of Bitcoin and saw gold as another safe investment that’s been around for over 5000 years. He has since come around to think that Bitcoin is much safer than he originally thought and sold his gold.
  • With Bitcoin you need to own your key. Jimmy would never trust a third party with his.


‘Don’t be in a honeypot, own your own keys’

‘Bitcoin is the fastest horse in the race’


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Kathleen Jobin holds an MBA from the University of Sherbrooke. Mother of 4, Kathleen is a hybrid between a businesswoman, a geek and an idealist. After several positions of interest in different firms and industries, such as a developer, scrum master and project manager, Kathleen made a drastic shift in her career in 2019. Diving head first down the bitcoin rabbit hole. She got bitten by the Bitcoin bug. She now teaches Bitcoin and volunteers to set up events that help with the understanding and adoption of Bitcoin. Her mission is to help awaken the masses to the power of Bitcoin.


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“Money is a technology and Bitcoin is the evolution of this technology.”

As the host of the show, Never Too Late To Bitcoin, Kathleen aims to act as your guiding light down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Through interviews and chats with knowledgeable guests in every industry impacted by Bitcoin as well as leading thinkers on environmental and societal impacts, she will challenge your preconceived notions of money and Bitcoin.

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