Join host Kathleen Jobin and guest, Bitcoin Gandalf on this week’s episode of Never Too Late To Bitcoin. People don’t just find out about Bitcoin overnight and become experts, listen in to hear Bitcoin Gandalf’s journey and find out what advice he has to give.


  • Bitcoin Gandalf got his job in marketing at a Bitcoin company through Twitter after working in property.
  • Michael Saylor’s talks really helped orange pill Gandalf.
  • The Bitcoin network is as good as it can be, so there’s little chance of it becoming the Myspace of the coin industry. Myspace failed because it didn’t catch the mobile wave. Facebook did that well and so it caught on. But when we think about what we want from a monetary network and a store of value asset, Bitcoin already does that well. For something to come along and take Bitcoin’s market share, it will have to be a 10x improvement. Bitcoin does it’s specific thing super well, it does not need to do anything else.
  • Gandalf sold every stock and bought Bitcoin and so did his mother, who liquidated her brokerage account in 3-weeks in late 2020.
  • “Ledger is the easiest way to convert boomers to cold storage but not sure my mom is ready for Coldcard” – Kathleen
  • If you want to understand Bitcoin you need to understand the context behind the principles of the idea. When you look for the context, it’s when you start understanding Bitcoin.
  • Money is just your time being stored up in an account. Inflation takes time that you’ve already stored up away.
  • Devaluing currency is a great incentive to remain productive and keep people working and provide services. In a deflationary world, you don’t need to be more productive in exchange for money… you will instead be more creative or will be freed up to create some amazing things and have more joy in your life because you’ll be doing something you want to do and not because you have to to keep up with inflation.
  • Gandalf shares content not to orange pill, but because he enjoys it but if somebody else enjoys it then that’s great. He doesn’t aim to change people’s mind.


‘There are so many Bitcoin stories that start with someone being in quarantine’

‘Bitcoin is a monetary network with a native currency’

‘Bitcoin is like a table, it does a specific thing super well’

‘Money is a technology. It’s a human invention that allows us to exchange value’

‘There’s no room to make any substantial improvementthat would destroy the network effect that Bitcoin already has such that everyone suddenly moves somewhere else’

‘Come for the greed, stay for the revolution. Greed gets you in, and then you learn’

‘If you diversify you don’t win at anything’

‘If you do the same thing as everyone else then you will end up like everyone else. You wanna end up like everyone else? I don’t’


Bitcoin Gandalf Twitter: @BTCGandalf

Rich Dad poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki’s –

Robert Breedlove : Bitcoin influencer

Coin Stories podcast by Natalie Brunell –

Always buy your cold wallets from the manufacturer official site to avoid getting a compromised device.


Cold Card:

Analyzing Bitcoin’s Network Effect by Lyn Alden –


Kathleen Jobin holds an MBA from the University of Sherbrooke. Mother of 4, Kathleen is a hybrid between a businesswoman, a geek and an idealist. After several positions of interest in different firms and industries, such as a developer, scrum master and project manager, Kathleen made a drastic shift in her career in 2019. Diving head first down the bitcoin rabbit hole. She got bitten by the Bitcoin bug. She now teaches Bitcoin and volunteers to set up events that help with the understanding and adoption of Bitcoin. Her mission is to help awaken the masses to the power of Bitcoin.


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“Money is a technology and Bitcoin is the evolution of this technology.”

As the host of the show, Never Too Late To Bitcoin, Kathleen aims to act as your guiding light down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Through interviews and chats with knowledgeable guests in every industry impacted by Bitcoin as well as leading thinkers on environmental and societal impacts, she will challenge your preconceived notions of money and Bitcoin.

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